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Sampleface is a blog dedicated to music and sampling. Created in 2012, the site was built to bring sampling culture to the forefront of people’s minds. The name was coined by co-founder Blaise Penny-Kirkwood to describe the facial expression of someone who recognises a sample or hears a song worthy of sampling.

We strive to tip the scales away from the mainstream and share our love of sampling and the finest underground talent. Alongside sampling, we also host reviews, guides, and articles. We ensure the marginalised get the exposure and praise they deserve.

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Cultrface is a blog dedicated to the world around us and how culture can enrich our lives. From nature to pop culture, our aim is to cover interesting and informative articles across a wide range of topics and help you view the world, unmasked.

We do it for the cultrs.


LOGiCFACE is a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) blog focused on the Black community. The site started in January 2017 aiming to “shine a light on the hard work of Black people within the tech community alongside the lighter side of STEM, past and present”.

Technology is growing at an unfathomable rate. It’s important to stop and see how it affects our lives now, learn from the past, and ensure it creates a better future. And that future must be actively intersectional. Tech is not all-white, all-male, and one-sided.

So our message is simple: face the future in colour.

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Playrface is a sports blog producing unique and original content for sports around the world. As well as the popular sports, Playrface covers smaller sports and the communities they unite.

It’s all about the play.

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Distant Arcade is a place to talk about video games, old and new. Full of future blogger fun time video games action.