This is what we do.

Pandog Media is the home of 5 online publications

We cover everything from music to culture to tech to sport.

This is who we are

What is Pandog Media really?

A new media group for those who need amplification. Our network is here to help create, curate, and connect.

Our history

Started in April 2017 by Luke Alex Davis, combining the efforts of four publications: Sampleface, Cultrface, LOG!CFACE, and Playrface.


We garner thousands of page views per month and have interviewed major creatives from around the world. And we're just getting started.

What do we want?

We want to build. There are stories to be told from social minorities and we want those stories told to those who need to hear them.
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This is what we do

Our agenda

Our platforms cater to underrated talents and undervalued experiences around the world. Amongst the white noise are beautiful voices ready to be heard. Pandog Media holds the megaphone.

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2700+ Fans from around the world
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