This is Pandog Media

Pandog Media is an online media group amplifying voices in Black digital communities. Keep scrolling and discover more about it.


Started in 2017, Pandog Media combines the efforts of 6 online publications:

I launched Sampleface in 2012 before branching out with a sibling site, Cultrface in 2015. From there, the number of sites grew but there was nothing tying them together.

In 2017, I decided to create Pandog Media as an umbrella group to house everything and work towards showcasing more Black content and work with other content creators to do the same.


The Pandog Media Network receives over 7,500 page views per month, have over 3,000 social media followers across all platforms, and covers a wide range of topics including music, culture, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), sports, and gaming.

There’s practically nothing I won’t cover as long as it’s cool.


I want to help build and grow Black digital communities. There are Black stories from around the world that need to be heard and I want to contribute towards that.

It’s not just about “amplifying Black voices”—the voices have been loud and frequent for decades. I want to create platforms free from misinterpretation and appropriation. You should hear Black people talking and not through non-Black mouthpieces.

That also means platforming Black content creators who make content that isn’t solely about Black trauma or Black culture. Blackness is multifaceted and that part is often misunderstood.

With the Pandog Media Network, want to change that view.

The Pandog Media Network