Welcome (Back)

16 Sept 2021

Welcome. And if you’re new, welcome back.

Having started Pandog in 2017, I’ve had a few versions of the site on WordPress. But I decided to move it to a new platform (Astro) as I coded my personal site with it and it’s speedy as hell.

I also reworked what I wanted Pandog to be. I dropped the “Media” part of the name as I wanted to move away from a corporate, media group feel and retain the personal aspect of what I do.

So Pandog is now a personal media project. Or is it a collection of projects? Or is it some kind of Black expression of creativity? In truth, it’s all of those things. But I don’t want to fix a rigid definition to it. I prefer to create and go with the flow.

Follow Pandog on Twitter and now Instagram and hit me up if you want to leave a comment or work with me on something.